Friday, April 06, 2007

Why SL Fails Marketers :: GapingVoid Finds SL "Creepy"

I have deep respect for Hugh MacLeod's marketing saavy.

But this MacLeod comment makes me shake my head

"...Second Life is PRETTY DARN CREEPY."
SL isn't creepy if you've purpose in being there. Whether it's scripting or building or making machinima, or listening to ten cutting-edge nanotechnologists theorize about the future.

MacLeod links to a GigaOM piece that explores the failure of SL marketing efforts in depth. Read the comments.

What digital marketers fail to respect is the idea that the Internet wants to remain free. More than that, eyeballs are gained by engaging those eyeballs in productive activity.

Create a space in which avatars have something to DO, be, create. Give 'em purpose.

Giving useful stuff away works, too.

The benefits of the best digital marketing - as with most digital benefits - are largely indirect, and comprised of multiple layers of good will. And good will takes time. Time for word of mouth. Time to build streed cred.


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