Saturday, April 07, 2007

Watching Videoblogs in Second Life

I've seen David's device in action and it works pretty darned well.
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Videoblogging in Second Life

As part the Videoblogging Week 2007 theme "crossing borders", Lisa Rein has done an excellent series of posts on videoblogging in Second Life. As part of the series Chicago based videoblogger Davide Meade has created this amazing video of an interface he's created for videoblogs in Second Life. Complete with a channel changer and multiple screens. If you have second life installed you can check it out by visiting the below SLURL... that's a Second Life Uniform Resource Locator or Second Life URL for you geeks. :)

See it in Second Life:


Michael Meiser said...

Those clipmarks are interesting. Sort of buggy though, can only see have the post in firefox.

The Faux Press said...

Yeah, Clipmarks failed.