Sunday, April 09, 2006

Second Life::Google Map

You can now give dimension to your Second Life / First Life parallel existence with a special Second Life Google Map from Community Walk.

Thanks to a heads up from Walker Spaight and his multi-media blog at which covers all things digitally three-dimensional.


New Steampunk Sim Raising Funds

The Steampunks group has united to raise money to create a Steampunk sim. Here's a wee tour with Ordinal Malaprop and her doppleganger butler.

Visit Jefferson Gould's 3-D map at Steampunk Headquarters in Caledon.

Music courtesy U.C. Santa Barbara Library Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project.


Thanks to 3pointD for the nod.


A Hotlink to a Ben Linden film on the New Followcam Functionality

Check it out, new followcam scripting options illustrated in a motion picture.

But as Ordinal Malaprop points out, " appears that only attachments and vehicles can control the camera as yet, which is something of a blow." You said it, Ordinal. That said, I'm confident that camera controls scripting and future menu options will flourish soon.


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Second Life Music, Part II

Watch the video

A St. Patrick's Day reflection on the state of music in Second Life.

The short version is: music thrives.

Visit Robbie Dingo's store in Second Life by clicking HERE.