Thursday, May 20, 2010

Washington Square by Henry James | In its Entirety

"Washington Square" by Henry James in a single .mp3.

This version of the free audiobook is NOT in the public domain as the single chapters are.This is released under a CC 2.0: Attribution, Non-Commercial-Share Alike License.

Moreover, I think you should spend something on it, if not on MY behalf, then certainly on the behalf of your local library or Project Gutenberg. I leave it to you to place a value on it.

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Public Domain Tibetan Meditation Bell


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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Philosopher Says 20% Chance First Life is Just a Sim

I KNEW it!
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My gut feeling is that the odds are better than 20 percent, maybe better than even. I think it’s highly likely that civilization could endure to produce those supercomputers. And if owners of the computers were anything like the millions of people immersed in virtual worlds like Second Life, SimCity and World of Warcraft, they’d be running simulations just to get a chance to control history — or maybe give themselves virtual roles as Cleopatra or Napoleon.

Monday, June 11, 2007

WBurg.TV :: Second Life :: The Electric Sheep Company

Jerry Paffendorf leads a double life. In meatspace, he's high geek. In Second Life, he and his colleagues make machinima and work to create a virtual 3-D Williamsburg, Brooklyn online (among many other things). The Electric Sheep have a regular Friday meetup at Williamsburg's Barcade, where we finally met the metaverseical & regally mayorial Paffendorf in person.

Jerry and others from The Electric Sheep Company rock digital worlds:

"The Electric Sheep Company is the largest company in the world dedicated to designing experiences and delivering add-on software for 3D virtual worlds. Our Professional Solutions team delivers strategic, creative and technical insight and services to global organizations. Our Software team is building a suite of information services to enhance virtual world experiences, such as trending and measurement tools, e-commerce, and social networking.

We support multiple virtual world platforms, and have implemented major projects on both Second Life and technologies. We are an active participant in the Second Life open source community, are driving new advances in virtual world usability, and closely review emerging technologies such as Google Earth, Multiverse, and Areae.

We see the Web evolving to support an ecosystem of metaverse applications. If your creative plans involve the intersection of virtual worlds, games, avatars, simulation, user-creation, shared social spaces or 3D construction, The Electric Sheep Company is here to help."

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Watching Videoblogs in Second Life

I've seen David's device in action and it works pretty darned well.
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Videoblogging in Second Life

As part the Videoblogging Week 2007 theme "crossing borders", Lisa Rein has done an excellent series of posts on videoblogging in Second Life. As part of the series Chicago based videoblogger Davide Meade has created this amazing video of an interface he's created for videoblogs in Second Life. Complete with a channel changer and multiple screens. If you have second life installed you can check it out by visiting the below SLURL... that's a Second Life Uniform Resource Locator or Second Life URL for you geeks. :)

See it in Second Life:

Mashup for Videoblogging Week 2007

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Why SL Fails Marketers :: GapingVoid Finds SL "Creepy"

I have deep respect for Hugh MacLeod's marketing saavy.

But this MacLeod comment makes me shake my head

"...Second Life is PRETTY DARN CREEPY."
SL isn't creepy if you've purpose in being there. Whether it's scripting or building or making machinima, or listening to ten cutting-edge nanotechnologists theorize about the future.

MacLeod links to a GigaOM piece that explores the failure of SL marketing efforts in depth. Read the comments.

What digital marketers fail to respect is the idea that the Internet wants to remain free. More than that, eyeballs are gained by engaging those eyeballs in productive activity.

Create a space in which avatars have something to DO, be, create. Give 'em purpose.

Giving useful stuff away works, too.

The benefits of the best digital marketing - as with most digital benefits - are largely indirect, and comprised of multiple layers of good will. And good will takes time. Time for word of mouth. Time to build streed cred.