Monday, June 11, 2007

WBurg.TV :: Second Life :: The Electric Sheep Company

Jerry Paffendorf leads a double life. In meatspace, he's high geek. In Second Life, he and his colleagues make machinima and work to create a virtual 3-D Williamsburg, Brooklyn online (among many other things). The Electric Sheep have a regular Friday meetup at Williamsburg's Barcade, where we finally met the metaverseical & regally mayorial Paffendorf in person.

Jerry and others from The Electric Sheep Company rock digital worlds:

"The Electric Sheep Company is the largest company in the world dedicated to designing experiences and delivering add-on software for 3D virtual worlds. Our Professional Solutions team delivers strategic, creative and technical insight and services to global organizations. Our Software team is building a suite of information services to enhance virtual world experiences, such as trending and measurement tools, e-commerce, and social networking.

We support multiple virtual world platforms, and have implemented major projects on both Second Life and technologies. We are an active participant in the Second Life open source community, are driving new advances in virtual world usability, and closely review emerging technologies such as Google Earth, Multiverse, and Areae.

We see the Web evolving to support an ecosystem of metaverse applications. If your creative plans involve the intersection of virtual worlds, games, avatars, simulation, user-creation, shared social spaces or 3D construction, The Electric Sheep Company is here to help."

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