Saturday, March 04, 2006

Road Node 101::Media Van-in-Progress

Road Node 101:: Second Life Van
I've a notion to outfit a van with everything needed to make media, even in the absence of electricity.

Concieving and manifesting in Second Life is much easier since it is 3-D and my feeling is that the translation from imagination to fruition will be similarly easy.


manvan said...

Great idea! Wish you good luck. POst it when it'll be ready

Man Van said...

Wish you good luck. If it works you will be the mentor of a van revolution.

man with a van said...

Yes, it seems nice, but electricity would be great addition. If you already know how to outfit a van with everything needed, then I'm sure you will find a way for implementing electricity.

The Faux Press said...

I hear you, Man with a Van. While I've not researched DC / AC options for vehicular travel yet, my professional life deals with that a lot, so it won't be a huge leap. You got any particular advice?

I'm wondering if there's any way to add another car battery to the DC / AC chain that would also be topped off as the vehicle runs; an extra battery that would be exclusively used for equipment and peripherals.

Van Sales said...

I like this van, it looks very convenient. I believe when you finish it, people appreciate it and maybe you'll start producing in big amounts!